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I’m a contemporary artist whose inspiration comes from my passion for nature, the countryside and its ever-changing seasons. I love nothing more in art than taking either a white piece of paper or canvas and making marks. My style can be as dramatic as the moody skies, as calm and detailed as a precious flower, then another day I can take ripped pieces of paper, paints, pens and fabric and get lost in a landscape. My work is constantly evolving. I enjoy experimenting with new ideas and sharing the results with students in regular “Arty Farty” workshops here in my studio in Water End near Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

 "I believe everyone can paint, if you can hold a pen and write your name, then you have control of an action, it’s up to us to find your style"

Join in the fun at one of our Arty Farty workshops taking place in Water End, Hertfordshire.





June 2022 Sat 11th Sun 12th

July 2022 Sat 16th Sun 17th

Aug 2022 Sat 6th Sun 7th

Oct 2022 Sat 1st Sun 2nd

Nov 2022 Sat 19th Sun 20th

Dec 2022 Sat 3rd Sun 4th

COST: £65.00

willow weaving.JPG

Come along for the day and learn how to weave an animal sculpture in willow. I have had the pleasure to work with Natalie Mclay of Trottiscliffe Willow for a few years, Natalie regularly has her work exhibited at Hampton Court and RHS shows. A great tutor who works well in groups, making sure each individual gets the right amount of help. You will have great fun, learn a new skill and take your own animal sculpture home.

Needle Felting


with Felt & Dandy


March Friday 10th June /Friday

17th June.

Taking bookings only for the 17th June. The 10th is full.


COST: £60.00

little wren 3.jpg

Come along for the day and learn how to Needle Felt this delightful little Wren. 

Alison &Nic from Felt & Dandy are great tutors guiding you step by step to finish this adorable little bird, making sure that every student gets the right amount of attention to finish on time and take home this adorable little creature.

Alison appeared and won the Needle Felting in Kirsty's Homemade Christmas.


Once a month – Learn new techniques, styles and arts with guest artists. These workshops cover all creativity from Willow Weaving & clay workshops to painting and printing. Please contact Gill for more information 


10AM - 1PM or 2PM – 5PM

Lessons for students who want to learn to paint. Materials provided for the first 2 lessons.


10AM - 1PM / 2PM – 5PM

or all day 

For artists and students with lots or just some experience who are looking to paint on a weekly basis in beautiful surroundings with other likeminded people. 



I have worked as a visiting tutor for the past five years with Gill. Her workshops have always had a welcoming feel for the participants and the tutor. This relaxed atmosphere enabled me and the students to concentrate on the art course and get through a lot of work in one day. She was also always there to help as back up
when someone needed a little extra guidance so as not to detract from the rest of the class
and workshop. Always a pleasure to work with Gill.

Matthew Rees, Artist and tutor


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